The iQOS smokeless cigarette is a Philip Morris innovation.

In order to reduce the health risks linked with smoking, the iQOS — which may stand for “I quit ordinary smoking,” or something similar—is being develaoped. A heating element instead of an ignitor is used to warm up the tobacco in the cigarette instead of lighting it. This “heat not burn” technology separates itself from other electronic cigarettes that utilise liquid as their fuel since it uses real tobacco.IQOS ILUMA arrives in the Canary Islands to take you to another level of  technology, design and simplicity - Spain's News

What exactly is a Heatstick

Tobacco stick, known as a Heatstick, is one of two components of the device. A blade embedded in the holder heats the Heatstick, which is half the length of a conventional cigarette. In order to take a breath, the lungs must warm up for at least 20 seconds. Comfortable throat pull is an additional benefit of not having genuine smoke. There are few irritants connected with smoking since volatile compounds, which are one of the most common, are not present. iQOS users won’t have to worry about their clothes being burned or starting a fire when using the device.

People who smoke light cigarettes may find the iQOS to be overly powerful, since the nicotine content is fixed. Smokers may be put off by the short battery life of the device. After six minutes, or fourteen pulls, the battery dies. Six minutes later, the battery has recharged and the light has returned.

Working in Switzerland, Philip Morris International set up 400 engineers, scientists, and technicians who worked on iqos heatsticks design and development. As a result, the company is still unable to claim that the product is healthier than traditional tobacco, even after doing considerable research. It’s expected that the first findings will be published at the end of the current calendar year.

It raises the question of why Philip Morris, which has spent a century promoting smoking, would spend so much money on a product that has yet to be proved.


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