Teenagers, Get a Handle on Your HW: Use These 3 Organizational Study Tools NOW!

Hey high schoolers, do you ever wonder whether your teachers know that you have other classes and teachers besides them? That you have https://argoprep.com/shsat/free-shsat-practice-test/ HW to do and tests to prepare for in other classes, too? Well, as long as you’re expected to do 10 hours of homework AND get some sleep before tomorrow, let us make one aspect of your school work easier. Below are 3 excellent tips that will conserve your brain power and allow you to spend more time DOING your HW, and less time looking for your pencil.Offering Three Summer Online Learning Opportunities for the First Time

1. GET A PLANNER. This is your most useful organizational tool for school. Make sure that it’s small enough to easily carry around to your classes, and big enough to fit all of your daily HW assignments.

HABIT: Write your HW assignments in your planner AS SOON AS they’re given. You’ll soon find out whether your math teacher writes the assignment on the board at the beginning or end of class, mumbles it at a random time during the lesson, or frantically yells it out as the final bell rings. Have your planner ready, so that you’ll catch the assignment when it comes hurling past you. (Keep assignments for every class in this miraculous book, and you won’t have to strain your brain to find or remember them later.)

2. GET A WALL CALENDAR. Find a nice wall calendar, print or dry-erase, to hang up at home in your study zone. This is your ‘important event’ calendar, where you note the due dates of large projects, papers, tests, Pajama Day, etc. (Not your daily assignments.)

HABIT: When you get home from school, transfer the dates of long-term assignments, tests, and Bring-Your-Grandma-To-School Day on your wall calendar. This visible reminder of upcoming events and deadlines means that you will never again miss your friend’s awesome laser tag party because you spent the weekend researching, writing, and footnoting the 8-page English essay that was assigned 3 weeks ago.

3. SET UP A SCHOOL-ZONE. You should have a special shelf and drawer at home, reserved exclusively for your textbooks, notebooks, binders, school supplies, etc.

HABIT: Even though the rest of your room looks like the aftermath of a Category 3 hurricane, you will still be able to find your school materials in 30 seconds flat. Keep several binders permanently on the shelf, where you file completed work that you no longer need at school. Ditto with handouts, textbooks, art projects, and anything else that you are needlessly lugging back and forth to school each day, because they’re buried somewhere in the bottomless chasm of your book bag.

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