Portable Water Purification Products – Pure Water Wherever You Go!

Portable water purification products are probably the most convenient and easiest way to protect your health and well-being wherever you go!  With the quality of drinking water being different and unknown wherever you go, it’s a relief to know that all the water you drink will be safe and healthy to drink.  Here are a few portable water purification mini dab rigs products that you may enjoy.Glass Bubblers | Mini Bubblers for Sale | Bubbler Pipes — Badass Glass

Water powered car kit advice and facts are spattered across the web and sometimes it can be confusing to understand quite what is going on. HHO fuel installation is easy and complicated at the same time. The basic system is a breeze, while the technical details can remain a mystery without professional instructions.

The first oxyhydrogen conversion probably occurred around 1900, so the technology is not new. Someone came up with the bright idea of combining oxyhydrogen with normal gasoline way back then as a means of saving fuel and improving performance at the same time. Even Sir Isaac Newton cast an eye over the chemistry involved and to us he was almost of an antediluvian era.

Of course the great thing about H2O gas is that it is produced from plain old water thus making it an almost free form of energy. H2O is split via electrolysis and hydrogen and oxygen gases given off. These gases then mix to form variations of HHO which has a combustion efficiency four times better than that of gasoline or diesel.

There is quite a heated ongoing debate about whether a water powered car kit does actually produce more miles to the gallon. Well, it has been tested thousands of times over and shown to produce savings on gasoline of up to 60%. What the pedants do not like is the idea that free energy can be produced and quote a couple of laws of thermodynamics which state more energy is required to produce the requirements to propel a machine.

Besides portable water purification products like water bottles that you can take and use wherever you go, there are also full home filtration systems that you can disconnect and bring to other locations.  Say if you have a summer and a winter home, a mobile home, or maybe you just go on vacation, you can bring your filtering system with you.

The portable water purification products that I own didn’t even cost that much either.  The sports bottle cost $25, the 3 filters that come with it last for 2 months each, and each set of 3 replacement cartridges costs $20.  For just 5 bucks more, you can get replacement filters and another sports bottle with it.

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