Facts About Alcohol – Are You Dare Enough to Know The Truth?

Findings in case of alcoholics differ from person to person เหล้านอก. Mostly, the level of consumption of alcohol determines certain features about an alcoholic. Basically alcoholism is a constant disorder, which is accompanied with habitual consumption of alcohol causing serious damage to person’s health and mind. Even social and professional activities are deteriorated due to alcoholism habit.Can You Drink Alcohol After Weight Loss Surgery? - Penn Medicine

Some familiar symptoms of alcoholism include continuous craving for alcohol, physical dependence on others, loss of memory, loss of appetite and numbness in body parts. This is an accepted fact about alcohol that if once you get into the grip of alcoholism, then in spite of strong urge to keep yourself away from it, it is difficult to do it. You always try to stop drinking but you do not find yourself capable of doing it and at the end you resort back to alcohol. Your alcohol tolerance level needed for extended amount of alcohol increases every time you go for drinking.

There are many factors responsible for alcoholism which includes social causes, environmental reasons and most importantly genetic causes. Generally, the disease of alcoholism is not dependent on the type of alcohol you are consuming, but the factors which affect it greatly include the duration of addiction, quantity of consumption of alcohol and excessive need to consume it. If the alcoholic is in first stage then it is easy to recover from but when it gets into final stage it is very hard to recover without sufficient medical prescription and supervision.

There are many health related facts about alcoholism. Excess consumption of alcohol leads to grave health problems. If you have recently taken to the alcohol you might suffer from problems like vomiting, loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness and gradually the loss of memory. If you continue it in long terms then you might have to undergo depression, liver cirrhosis, injury to liver, heart failure and failure of central nerve system.

You can easily understand the facts about alcoholism right from the initial warnings and symptoms. One known and popular fact about alcoholism is that it is a kind of drug addiction which can be physical and psychological. Facts about alcoholism are integrated with severe realities that alcoholism is a main cause for decreased activity level and energy amount in the body. It increases the sense of insecurity in alcoholic and affects his or her body system. It can even result in gastrointestinal tract irritation which might be accompanied with corrosion of the esophagus, fatigue, vomiting and stomach linings.


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