Details about the world of Japanese pornography

The Japanese porn business is estimated to be worth over $20 billion, which shouldn’t be too surprising when you consider that Japan produces twice as many X-rated movies as the United States. One veteran porn actor estimates that this equates to more than 5,000 titles per year, or about 14 pornographic films released daily in Japan. What’s even more impressive, however, is the fact that a lot of people pay for these films. Japan actually ranks second in the world (behind South Korea) when regards the amount of money its citizens spend on adult entertainment. In the end, the country’s porn makers decided to show their appreciation for their patrons and deep pockets with the Japan Adult Expo (JAE).

The JAE promotes itself as an “Adult Video Fan Thanksgiving Festival” in which XXX studios from all over the country come together each year to launch their new releases and เว็บหนังโป๊ญี่ปุ่น  allow people to meet their artists. I visited the JAE in November 2017 and discovered some fascinating details about the world of Japanese pornography.

1. Fans collect Porn stars like baseball cards.

Just a few minutes after my arrival at the expo, I met an Japanese fan who had a weird camera. I spoke to him for a few minutes and was able to learn that the camera was a Fujifilm Instax camera that produces tiny, instant pictures known as Cheki. Japanese sports and music fans typically make use of these cameras to capture tiny Polaroids of their favourite celebrities, which they can later have signed and exchange amongst each other. There are fans who do the same thing with adult stars. The young fan I spoke to said that it was his intention to attend the expo to increase his collection of chekis from Japanese porn stars. Many of these were signed by the artists. For the young man, it was nothing different than collecting baseball cards (except you probably shouldn’t put porn cheki inside the spokes of your bicycle.) The expo wasn’t the only one who was enjoying his hobby. A lot of fans were seen strolling the expo area in instant cameras. People who didn’t have their own camera could purchase a cheki at one of the many studio booths and have it signed by a bikini-clad model. Three sets cost approximately Y=500 which is less than $5.

2. Virtual Reality is the new trend in Japanese Porn.

At the JAE at the time, there were five different companies offering VR porn experiences to those willing to wait in line for 15 minutes. While I wasn’t able to try all of them, it was fine since all of the VR porn scenarios offered were identical: once you had put your headset on, you were able to see “yourself” all the way from your neck down with the assistance of one or three women. That’s probably what caused the issue.

If, unlike the male body model featured in the video pre-recorded, if you also have a tiny frame and are hairless, you’re unlikely to get too swept up by the footage. While this was a good aspect for JAE but it doesn’t suggest a positive outlook for Japan’s expanding VR porn industry. Some companies have attempted to make VR more intimate and less sexually explicit by having their VR models simulate kisses or whispering words of encouragement or affirmations of love to the virtual ear. One of the representatives said that VR isn’t an option , and it’s likely die out in the next year.

3. Japan has no male porn professional actors.

There are few things rarer in the world than an Japanese male porn performer. There are sources that say that there are just 30 to 70 men who are full-time employed in the Japanese industry known as XXX. The numbers don’t include any single zero. Also, the Y=1,000 movie pay that male actors can expect to earn after entering Japan’s porn industry, which could explain the reason there aren’t as many of them.

This was evident at the JAE, which featured virtually none male performers at the expo. However, things changed when Taka “Goldfinger” was the male porn idol, made his debut. Goldfinger was immediately surrounded by hundreds of thrilled fans. Their excitement was to be expected, considering that, in the world of Japanese porn, a male performer is far more common than an albino Bigfoot.4. Geeks Can be a Very Lucrative Porn Market

Saikyo Zokousei as well as GIGA were the most viewed booths at JAE. Both of them specialize in “geek” porn and earn a lot of money by having actresses dress up as superheroines, princesses, fantasy warriors, etc.

The folks at GIGA stated that their average fan can spend up to $100 per month for their porn DVDs, as well as other merchandise, which puts them way ahead of Japan’s per capita average porn-related spending of $157 a year. GIGA’s most loved films include several Sailor Moon-like magical girls productions. However, they are looking forward to their next batch of superhero-themed films will become a massive success.

The Saikyo Zokusei fantasy-themed models were different, however. Saikyo Zokusei’s “gimmick” is that the models are geeks themselves The girls definitely are able to play the role. They’ll be able to answer any question you have about comics, anime, and video games. Some fans may be more connected to models, and consequently they will enjoy the porn featuring them more.

5. People will pay for a Step Closer to Their Favourite Porn Star

At the JAE the JAE, each booth sold DVDs, pictures, and T-shirts. Certain companies offered more than this. Lammtarra specifically offered some of the most intriguing “services” offered on their booth.

The company’s models were available to interact with customers with fun and engaging ways for the sum of Y = 1,000. They could blow on the clients’ ears, kiss them on their heads, or place them in a headlock. I spoke with one of the guests who had the headlock service and he couldn’t have been happier about the entire experience. It’s the ultimate dream of him and many others being able to enjoy this intimate and close with a musician they’ve admired for years.

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